The Entity (30th Anniversary screening, composer Charles Bernstein in person!)

Ever wanted to see a mashup of Poltergeist and I Spit On Your Grave? If so, have we got an incredible movie for you: 1982′s ghost-rape masterpiece The Entity! When Barbara Hershey at her MILFiest attracts the unwanted attention of a randy specter lurking in her Spielbergian suburban abode, some seriously sexy paranormal activity goes down. Accompanied by truly disturbing layers of moody, jarring score work by Charles Bernstein, the film is a visceral rollercoaster of upside-down shocks. And like all good ghost stories of the era, this whack-a-doo supernatural thriller (directed by Sidney J. Furie, ringmaster of such diverse spectacles as Lady Sings The Blues, Iron Eagle and Ladybugs) is “based on a true story” — a fact lent credence by the on-screen presence of a crack team of parapsychologists, who usher in one of the most bat-shit “climaxes” you will see in a movie this (or any other) year. Come enjoy some ghost-coital/post-holiday cheer with us, as we indulge in the film Martin Scorsese’s listed as his #11 scariest flick of all time! Composer Charles Bernstein will be here to introduce the film, and to tell stories of his work scoring horror films in the 1980s like A Nightmare On Elm Street!
Dir. Sidney J. Furie, 1982, 35mm, 125 min.

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