The Eagle Huntress (Free Sneak Peek w/ Dir. Otto Bell, Aisholpan Nurgaiv & Rys Nurgaiv in person!)

In the Mongolian Altai mountain region, the Kazakh people are nomadic herders and hunters. Their hunting tradition, celebrated and passed down from generation to generation, is eagle hunting. Not hunting for eagles–but with them, each hunter forming a bond with a golden eagle chick, and training it to be a veritable hunting partner. Though history tells us there have been female eagle hunters before, the practice has been reserved for men for generations–that is, until Aisholpan Nurgaiv’s father noticed her fierce interest in the honored tradition. Now Aisholpan, at 13 years old, is the first woman and youngest person to enter Mongolia’s annual Golden Eagle festival. A story visually and thematically stunning in equal measure, Otto Bell’s The Eagle Huntress is transportative–almost unimaginably–and a chronicle of both an ancient practice and a remarkable break with tradition.

Dir. Otto Bell, 2016, DCP, 87 min.

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