The Devil's Candy (FREE sneak peek w/ Ethan Embry in person!)

Director Sean Byrne put Tasmania on the horror map with his lauded debut The Loved Ones, and his long awaited follow-up The Devil’s Candy does not disappoint. Moving from straight suspense to the realm of the supernatural, The Devil’s Candy focuses on a family that has moved into their Texas dream house only to find it inhabited by a Satanic force – but don’t be fooled, that broadest of strokes description is as rote as this movie gets. Anchoring the film is an almost unrecognizable Ethan Embry as the longhaired and bearded dad who is teaching his punked out daughter (Kiara Glasco) to love thrash/death metal and pine for a Flying V guitar. When the always unsettling Pruitt Taylor Vince – playing a former occupant who is still in the grips of the house’s demonic influence – shows up offering such a guitar, things get scary and weird right quick. Performances are stellar across the board (including mom Shiri Appleby) and Byrne once again proves himself a master of ratcheting tension, unexpected twists, and unusual but recognizable family dynamics. This is a must see for horror fans, especially those who love a good Satanic heavy metal tale.

Dir Sean Byrne, 2015, DCP, 90 min.

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