The Devil Rides out (brand-new HD restoration!)

Co-presented by Hammer Films

A career high point for everyone involved, The Devil Rides Out represents everything fantastic about Hammer Films’s hyper-stylized catalogue of films. Wisely cast against type, Christopher Lee has one of his finest roles as an urbane gentleman whose knowledge of the black arts comes in handy when his good friend falls under the hypnotic influence of diabolical priest Mocata. The Devil Rides Out is primarily Lee’s show, and he’s exactly the man anyone would want on their side in a battle against evil — however, future James Bond bad guy Charles Gray is also outstanding as the fearsome and crafty adversary. Credentials behind the scenes are equally up to par, with the legendary Richard Matheson (“I Am Legend”) skillfully adapting Dennis Wheatley’s occult novel (while wisely retaining the 1930s setting) and director Terence Fisher obviously using all of his formidable directorial skills to deliver some of horror’s best setpieces. The suspenseful and frightening passage in which our heroes are confined within a holy circle, and assaulted by demonic forces, is as good as ’60s horror gets. Brand-new HD restoration!
Dir. Terence Fisher, 1968, HD presentation, 95 min.

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