The Descent

One of the most effective fright films of the early 2000s, and arguably the best cave-horror movie of all time, Neil Marshall’s The Descent has been solidly scaring the shit out of audiences for almost ten years with its nerve-shattering suspense and teeth-clenching claustrophobia. Receiving a shower of resounding, well-deserved accolades from the horror fan community upon its original release, Marshall’s gory sophomore effort (his follow-up to the equally rad Dog Soldiers) put the British director on the map as a powerful voice in genre cinema. By deftly employing an all-female cast of cave explorers looking for kicks, the film elicits genuine sympathy from the viewer without ever feeling like a gimmick — a rare feat from a modern horror film. This, along with the true nature of what threat lurks in the caverns, are but a few of the many reasons why this is a contemporary classic. Most people missed The Descent in theaters, so this is your chance to rectify that by joining us for a crimson night of spelunking and splatter!
Dir. Neil Marshall, 2005, 35mm, 99 min.

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