The Dead Zone

King and Cronenberg collide! The Dead Zone came out in 1983 during the height of the Stephen King craze (same year as Cujo and Christine), and remains one of the very best King film adaptations – thanks to the deft work of David Cronenberg, in one of his few big budget Hollywood forays. It was also a career defining showcase for Christopher Walken, then still a rising star. Walken brings his ghoulish stare and signature staccato to the role of schoolteacher Johnny Smith, who awakens from a coma to find he has psychic powers – and is then driven to try to assassinate a corrosive Presidential candidate (played with oily glee by Martin Sheen) after having a vision that he’ll bring about a nuclear holocaust. You’ll never look at a pair of scissors the same way again!

Dir. David Cronenberg, 1983, DCP, 103 min.

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