The Cure: In Orange (1/6)


“We wanted to film it…because every concert we do now reaches a point that has seemed unattainable in the past and I wanted it captured for ever, before we move on or give up.” — Robert Smith

In a flurry of mysterious imagery and incredible prolific songwriting, The Cure forever represents the height of Eighties Rock beautifully smashing the plastic banality of its era with mighty velocity. And in all its big-screen splendor, The Cure: In Orange captures The Cure’s angular tightness, exuberant aural panoramas, and Robert Smith’s shocking ‘do during their tour date of August 9th, 1986 in the French countryside. This sparkling concert movie was filmed at the ancient Roman venue Theatre Antique d’Orange (a nearly 2,000-year-old structure), and is the kind of addictive afterschool repeat viewing of your angsty teenage dreams: nearly two dozen Cure songs, lots of obscure album tracks amongst the titanic hits, rabid fans pogo-ing(!) up at the front, Smith & Co. thousand-yard staring obliquely into the distance, and hairhairHAIR. Still never released on DVD or Blu-Ray, this is a enrapturing experience that will leave you glowing Orange.
Dir. Tim Pope, 1987, 35mm, 113 min.

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