The Corpse Grinders

After the quite-outside-the-box pick of The Red Shoes, The Midnight Mafia once again gets down and dirty with one of the most outrageous films from legendary exploitation king/quasi-polygamist Ted V. Mikels! “A wonder of tackiness. Maltby (real-life cat-fancier J. Byron Foster, playing a character who resembles one of those old baggy-pants vaudevillians) and his sinister partner (Dustin Hoffman’s cousin, Sanford Mitchell) operate a cat food company that grinds human corpses into its product! The tinfoil grinder contraption is one of exploitation’s cheapest, funniest Rube Goldberg inventions: a body drops in and hamburger meat churns out! The Corpse Grinders throws the audience from flash-forwards to flashbacks, and is populated by spectacularly exaggerated Hollywood Boulevard actors emotion hilarious bits of exploitation-rich dialogue. Little more than an hour long, The Corpse Grinders is a miracle of concision and its garish colors and tawdry, precise sense of composition help make it a standout in the genre. Its thoroughly skewed sensibility endeared it to Deuce audiences, who enjoyed seeing it again and again.” — Bill Landis and Michelle Clifford, “Sleazoid Express”.
Dir. Ted V. Mikels, 1971, 35mm, 72 min.

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