The Company of Wolves

Little Red Riding Hood gets a gorgeous, horrific makeover in this dreamlike breakthrough classic from Neil Jordan. In a fantasy world imagined by young girl Rosaleen, a stern granny (Angela Lansbury) lectures her about the dangers of straying from the path and encountering hairy men harboring slavering wolves inside them. Spinning off into a series of breathtaking set pieces, this visual feast was initially lost in the ‘80s tumble when distributors tried to pass it off as another werewolf flick, sort of The Howling for the English lit crowd. The late English writer Angela Carter adapts her own stories to craft an unforgettable twilight journey through the forbidding depths of female adolescence, where a dash of lipstick is enough to unleash any number of hairy beasts hiding in the woods.

Dir. Neil Jordan, 1984, 35mm, 95 min.

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