The Cinema of Unarius (feat. The Arrival, 6/7)

Psychedelic viewing for many a late-night cable fan, it’s an encore of Unarius’ greatest filmic achievement: the outsider interstellar fantasia The Arrival (1978) — plus, we’ll also screen our custom half-hour mix of Unarius video productions throughout the decades! Artists working within the Unarian worldview certainly know how to dream big, for one of the brotherhood’s core aims is to form a cosmic confederation with benevolent “Space Brothers.” And of all the DIY films made by American alternative cultures over the decades, none are as epicly ambitious and as earnestly effective as The Arrival. Both a “documentary” of a Unariun’s channeled past-life incarnation and a riveting homemade space opera (complete with ingenious hyper-colored analog SFX that evoke James Whitney on planet Xanadu), the film follows an aborigine, who, after being contacted by an immense Rubik’s Cube full of advanced telepathic beings, overcomes his psychic amnesia, working through his past life as a genocidal spaceship commander. This impassioned and meticulously designed origin story, the largest-scale production of Unarius’ oeuvre, has a spiritual agenda to match Jodorowsky’s, with a startling visual aesthetic halfway between Lynch and an ABBA music video.

Watch an excerpt from “The Arrival”!