The Cinema of Scientology (feat. rare docs & panel discussion)

Welcome all wogs, squirrels, SPs, apostates, Ron’s Org-ers and curious Scientologists to a collaboration between Tongue And Groove LA and Cinefamily, surveying one of the Twentieth Century’s most bustling new religions. Come get your needle floating, as we kick off by watching two extremely rare docs from Britain’s Granada Television: Scientology: A Faith For Sale and The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard. Insightful and penetrating, these two late-’60s TV programs are both marvelous time capsules, and incredible overviews for the layman. Plus, we conclude the evening by exploring the mystery, the myth, and the pageantry of the Church of Scientology’s efforts across the universe of cinema — with a panel of special live guests, including the screenwriter of Battlefield Earth!