The Cassandra Cat + Meow Mix

The scene: a small Czech village. The set-up: a travelling circus arrives in town, with a cat wearing sunglasses in tow. You shouldn’t really need any more information to understand the appeal of The Cassandra Cat (except perhaps a picture of the cat, named Mokol), which won two major awards at Cannes upon its release in 1963. Director Vojtech Jasny blew Czech children’s minds with the titular feline, whose unfettered gaze bathes people in psychedelic hues that reflect their inner spirit. This film’s charms are many, from its unprecedented use of color, to its folksy small-town humor, and experimental take on the fable. It’s a special pleasure to show a gorgeous 35mm print of this rarely-screened treasure of Czech New Wave on the big screen.

The film will be accompanied by a special “Meow Mix,” a Cinefamily original mix of cat videos, culled from the depths of this oh-so-expansive field by our valiant, feline-loving programmers.

Dir Vojtech Jasny, 1963, 35mm, 91 min.