The Burning

Friday the 13th may have gotten all the glory, but stab for stab, no summer camp slasher movie tops 1981′s The Burning. Notable for appearances by future stars Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander and (ahem) Fisher Stevens, this underappreciated classic put the Weinsteins on the map and was Tom Savini’s follow-up to his groundbreaking gore work in the original F13th. Drawing from the suburban folktales of the scarred killer “Cropsey”, The Burning concerns itself with a burnt, garden-shear-wielding maniac reaping unholy vengeance on campers for the scorching he suffered at the hands of a prank. Some truly memorable carnage ensues, including an infamous multiple murder on a canoe which routinely flays repertory movie crowds. But like summer camp, what you really take from The Burning is the memories (and maybe perhaps its Rick Wakeman original score), so grab your cutoff shorts and head on down to the lake with us for s’mores of gore. Be sure to write mom and dad that you’ll be home — in a bodybag! Fully uncut 35mm print!
Dir. Tony Maylam, 1981, 35mm, 91 min.

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