The Brood

NOTE: our showtime of The Brood will actually start at 12:30am. Building upon the incredible little ouevre he had made for himself with Shivers and Rabid , Canadian master David Cronenberg rounded out the Seventies with the film that really knocked him into the horror stratosphere: The Brood. What on the surface seems like an “evil kid” movie in the Bad Seed mold is in fact a scathing indictment of the era’s self-help “Me Generation”, as we follow the institutionalized travails of crazed mom Samantha Eggar and the estranged husband trying to pry their daughter away from the influence of a therapist/guru (played with scene-stealing relish by Oliver Reed.) As the film builds to one of the most unforgettable “holy shit” climaxes in cinema history, Eggar’s fantastic slow-burn performance becomes an outward manifestation of the frustrations, fears and abject horror surrounding Cronenberg’s real-life divorce at the time — and remains one of the most malevolent portrayals of female evil in the genre. Don’t miss the opportunity tear the membrane sac off of mommy’s little monster in glorious 35mm!
Dir. David Cronenberg, 1979, 35mm, 92 min.

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