The Boxer's Omen + mystery Shaw Bros. film!

Where on Earth to begin? The Boxer’s Omen is The Holy Mountain, Altered States and Rocky all rolled into one; it’s all of ’70s gonzo kickass cinema compressed into an insane little ball and blasted through a garishly-colored early ’80s Hong Kong filter. It’s more unpredictable than Dangerous Men, more unstoppable than The Visitor; it’s one of the craziest damned things you’ll ever witness in a movie theater, and this is NO hyperbole. It’s the Wizard Battle movie to end all Wizard Battle movies, it’s gooey, gory, neon-washed and, blessed Buddha, once you’ve seen it you will run out into the street and demand that every single friend of yours hop on the Boxer’s Omen Express. This hexadelical, truly incredible piece of eye terrorism has only played in Los Angeles twice before, so get your rear on down to see this one, before you end up cursing yourself forever! Guaranteed mug-melter or your money back. The evening’s mystery second feature will also be on 35mm!
The Boxer’s Omen Dir. Chih-Hung Kuei, 1983, 35mm, 99 min.

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