The Beyond

The apex of Lucio Fulci’s infamous and unbeatable zombie quartet (which also consists of Zombie, City of the Living Dead, and House by the Cemetery), The Beyond is a hallucinatory masterpiece that you’ll never forget. After an appropriately creepy sepia-tone prologue, we have the story of an abandoned Louisiana hotel under the care of a new owner from the Big City, who quickly realizes that the multiple unexplained and bizarre disturbances throughout the hotel are the result of its dark secret: a cryptic gateway to Hell housed somewhere within the property. All of Fulci’s most noteworthy collaborators attack this film full throttle, especially the amazing Sergio Salvati pumping up the atmospheric lighting across the scope frame, and Fabio Frizzi manipulating piano solos and electronics into a tremendous music score. More than any other Fulci film, The Beyond is a heartfelt poem for horror fans and, most importantly — a gory good show.
Dir. Lucio Fulci, 1981, 35mm, 89 min. (35mm print courtesy of Grindhouse Releasing)

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