The Best of "The Chicago Party" (presented by Cinespia and Numero Group)


Join us in discovering a true public-access TV treasure, courtesy of our good friends at Numero Group. And don’t forget to check out their brand-new video/album release “Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party”. Replete with feathered perms, light-up floors, lip-synching, and outlandish humor, The Chicago Party was a short-lived, disco-dancin’ 1982 urban public access show that can only be described as American Bandstand meets Saturday Night Fever, by way of Southside Chicago vibes. This far-out late-nite offering is a gorgeous time capsule of a neon era gone by, all filmed at local nightclub The CopHerBox II. Get ready for a smorgasbord of tight fashions, groovy dancers and performances from local stalwarts like the aptly-named Universal Togetherness Band. Also featuring contortionists, ventriloquists, and zany talent competitions, the Party harmonizes all its colorful elements together with eye-dazzling early video tricks, and a soundtrack that aims to keep Spandex still in style. Massively cool stuff.

Watch the trailer for “The Chicago Party”!