The Autopsy of Jane Doe (Free sneak peek w/ Emile Hirsch in person!)

Autopsies are well-charted territory in the horror genre, but the genius of The Autopsy of Jane Doe is that Norwegian filmmaker André Øvredal manages to expand the autopsy scene itself into a feature-length exercise in terror and suspense. Anchored by top-tier thespians Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch as a father/son mortician team, Øvredal gets a lot of creepy mileage from the beautifully realized funeral home setting — a rich, shadowy atmosphere awash in dread — as well as the gruesome procedure of the autopsy itself. Øvredal also has a strong script to work from (by Ian B. Goldberg and Richard Niang), which deftly leads to a climax that is both surprising and horrifyingly inevitable. Come see what will surely rank as one of this year’s strongest horror efforts. In theaters December 21st.

Dir. André Øvredal, 2015, DCP, 99 min.

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