The Apple

Set in “1994”, this absurd-o Biblical allegory concerns the perils of a young couple discovered by an all-powerful fascistic funk band’s Satanic manager, who exploits them for his own ungodly gain. If that already sounds like a hoot, toss into the mix henchmen, bad accents, chorus-girl firing squads, circus acts, disco odes to amphetamines, hippies, sequined jockstraps, kvetching yentas, clothed orgies, Carpenters rip-offs, flying Cadillacs and a jivin’ production number set in the depths of Hell — all brought to you by director Menahem Golan, also responsible for Over The Top and The Delta Force!

“Only The Apple has the audacity to dream up a future where a Lou Pearlman-like Svengali is as powerful as Josef Stalin, and disco’s bleary hedonism not only survived the ’70s, but grew in strength and power until it conquered the world.” – The AV Club

Dir. Menahem Golan, 1980, 35mm, 90 min.

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