The Apartment

Join us for the holiday fare that is failed cynic Billy Wilder’s masterpiece on sex, love, and corporate avarice. C.C. Baxter, the awesomely human Jack Lemmon, works as a drone in a faceless megacorp, worming his way up the ladder by letting his creepy bosses have affairs in his crib. He meets vulnerable elevator operator Fran Kubelik—the sensational Shirley MacLaine—who is having an affair with everyone’s boss, Mr. Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray in his greatest role as an adulterous heel). The whole shebang begins to topple on Christmas, when Fran finds out Mr. Sheldrake has been having affairs with all the women in the office. Drunkenness, lechery, infidelity, and humanity get a work over. It’s funny, caustic, real, and lovely. Lift your dragging spirits after this election with a dose of hopeful cynicism. This picture will make you love adult situations acted out by grown ups. That’s the way things crumble, cookie-wise. (Description courtesy of Greg Proops)

Dir. Billy Wilder, 1960, 35mm, 125 min.