THE SILENT TREATMENT: The Alloy Orchestra plays to "From Morning To Midnight" (1920)

Co-presented by The Silent Treatment

“The best in the world at accompanying silent films.” — Roger Ebert

“Alloy has brought fresh air to a world thought left to nostalgics. They give voice to the soul of their machines, and by doing that, they’ve given voice to no less than the sound of cinema” — Paolo Cherchi Usai (Co-Director, Pordenone Silent Film Festival)

With their panoply of thrashing, grinding percussion — as well as their keen sense of spooky melody — the three-man musical ensemble Alloy Orchestra (Ken Winokur, Terry Donahue and Mission of Burma’s Roger Miller) is the perfect choice to accompany this nightmarish classic of German Expressionism. Karl-Heinz Martin’s criminally underseen 1920 feature easily stands toe-to-toe with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and tells the shadowy tale of a bank teller trying desperately to escape the spiraling humdrum-iness of his small, dusty life. Awash in contorted sets and high-contrast décor, every banality of “normal life” is here reinvented into an unnerving spectacle: the bank becomes a grim underworld, a hotel staircase becomes an existential crisis, and a family drawing room becomes as loopy as a Slinky. A giddy cornucopia of extreme macabre stylization, this show will ROCK.
Dir. Karl-Heinz Martin, 1920, digital presentation, 72 min.

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