MARYLAND: The Alien Factor

Alien Factor creature creator Ernest Farino in person! From the suburbs of Maryland comes one of the unsurpassed Holy Grails of homemade horror, featuring a cavalcade of DIY monsters that’ll leave you speechless! Ravaged corpses found strewn about the neighborhood are thought to be victims of a wild animal, but it’s soon learned that an alien zoo has crashed nearby, setting loose an unthinkable assortment of twisted space creatures. Baltimore fanzine editor Don Dohler tackled this daunting concept with about six dollars, shooting on borrowed equipment, and casting friends, neighbors and winos in the war against interplanetary beasties. The result is a deeply inspiring testament to both imagination and sheer unbridled obsession, while also being a tasty genre excursion in the process. Going on to create some of the most enduring unseen treasures of the VHS era (including Nightbeast, Galaxy Invader and the redundantly titled/relentlessly brilliant Blood Massacre), Dohler sadly passed away too soon, in 2006. Let’s all raise a toast to Don, as we pay tribute to him on this anointed midnight, with the screening of a ridiculously rare 16mm print (imported all the way from New Zealand) to honor his work.
Dir. Don Dohler, 1978, 16mm, 80 min.