Trailers In Love (presented by the Academy Film Archive)


Another fab vintage compendium of wild ‘n cool movie trailers from across the decades — all presented on 35mm, thanks to the tireless preservation and curation by our good friends at the Academy Film Archive! As the airy comforts of spring leisurely roll in, our minds turn to that funny feeling that goes by many names: love, passion, yearning, romance, carnal knowledge… Natch, Cinefamily’s thoughts immediately turn to overheated soapy melodramas, wrongheaded romantic pairings, old-school “white coater” docs, arthouse amour, mondo excursions into strange erotica, Charles Bronson gone a-courtin’, sensual computers, wicked delinquents, lavender lust — AND PUPPIES AND KITTIES. Tonight’s show (drawn from the world’s largest 35mm trailer collection) gives you a red-blooded dose of the most deliriously enchanted pre-show entertainments from the last several decades — many of which haven’t been seen since they originally screened in theaters. This will pretty much be the only time EVER that all these rare trailers will be gathered in one place — so all cinemaniacs should make this show a priority! Prints courtesy of the Academy Film Archive, with special thanks to the Packard Humanities Institute. Plus, DJ Steen (Origami Vinyl) will be here to spin tunes before the show!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Trailers In Love”!