The Abyss (cast/crew in person!)

From the very beginning, James Cameron — modern sci-fi cinema’s most successful showman — matched the limitless ambition of films like The Terminator and Aliens with the insatiable need to physically push himself even harder with each passing production. Often cited as one of the most difficult film shoots in modern history (with a huge chunk of its running time filmed underwater, inside the largest fresh-water filtered tank ever constructed), Cameron’s 1989 deep sea saga The Abyss is all at once a sheer feat of behind-the-scenes structural engineering, a pioneering use of game-changing CGI effects, a Cold War white-knuckle paranoia play, a trippy dive into the what-ifs of alien intelligence, and the fictionalization of Cameron’s heartwrenching real-life divorce (to the woman who was also his filmmaking partner, Gale Ann Hurd.) For this special evening, join a large panel of cast members and crew specialists after the screening, as they unravel the monumental challenges of making The Abyss. Panelists include Todd Graff (“Hippy”), Michael Beach (“Barnes”), Lesley Dilley (production designer), Joseph Nemec III (art director), Phillip Darlington (Cameron’s underwater assistant), Starr Jones (makeup FX) and Trey Stokes (“alien” movement designer)!
Dir. James Cameron, 1989, 35mm, 140 min. (Archival print courtesy of Fox Archive)

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