The Abduction of Zack Butterfield

It’s many an adolescent boy’s fantasy vision: to be whisked away from your home and your family, and be kept under lock and key by a ravenous older woman who, in exchange for keeping you alive, wants to make a man out of you — or else she’ll detonate your Battle Royale-style dog collar…? Well, maybe the number of kids in the world who might wanna live through this is tiny — but it was certainly the vision of first-time feature director Rick Lancaster to bring such a singular tale of child abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and “Peter Pan”-style cabin hijnx to the screen. An Iraq War vet of indeterminate age (who should be almost forty, based on her on-screen anecdotes, but who looks twenty) kidnaps an upstanding fourteen-year-old, and based on her experience as a surveillance expert, keeps the lad both on a sexual and electronically lethal leash. With enough creepy Stockholm Syndrome on display to make you want to lock your genitals in a storage facility and throw away the key, TAOZB piles on the novel creepy-crawlies until your skin is ablaze. A helluva great late-night time.
Dir. Rick Lancaster, 2011, HD presentation, 91 min.

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