The Five Minutes Game: 2016 Edition

Summer’s around the corner, and you know how we here at the theater love two things in tandem: busting out the patio grill, and The Five Minutes Game. What’s all this about a game, you ask? We’re firm believers in “every movie is interesting for at least its first five minutes,” those fascinating moments when you’re still entering the new world a film presents you, and trying to figure out what the hell’s going on. We’ll choose fifteen movies you’ve likely never seen before (with most of them still unavailable on DVD), line ‘em up and only show you the first five minutes of each (excluding the opening credits). Then you, the audience, will vote on which film to watch in its entirety. So bring something to cook on our grill and let’s get started!

5:00-6:30PM – The Five Minutes Game!
6:30-7:30PM – we tally the votes and BBQ on the patio!
7:30-9:00PM – we watch the winning film!