That's Sexploitation!: A Visual History (director Frank Henenlotter in person!)

“A wall-to-wall Lazy Susan of tits, ass and hilarity!” — John Waters

From the minds of Something Weird Video and Frank Henenlotter (director of not only such exploitation classics as Basket Case and Frankenhooker, but also the definitive doc Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore), it’s forty years’ worth of sex in the cinema. See rare and lost clips from vintage “adults-only” feature films, shocking short subjects, quaint coin-drop arcade loops, naughty stags and smokers, and graphic sex educationals from days gone by. Archival footage shows the many genres that developed over the decades: sex hygiene, drug scares, glamour, panties and pasties, pretty pin-ups, goona-goona exotica, nudist camp, striptease and burlesque, arthouse sinema, nudie cuties, roughies, sexy psychedelia and pre-hardcore white-coaters. Come trip the nip fantastic with us through this seldom-seen, salacious side of American film history. All ticketholders will receive original copies of the vintage sex-ed/sex-hygiene manual “The True Facts of Life,” sold in the ’40s and ’50s after screenings of the film The Wages Of Sin!
Dir. Frank Henenlotter, 2013, digital presentation, 136 min.

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