THAT'S NUNSPLOITATION!: School of the Holy Beast & Behind Convent Walls

School of the Holy Beast – 8:00pm
Those naughty, naughty nuns! Proving that beneath those black and white habits trembles the lusty, supple flesh of women hungry for thrills, School of the Holy Beast will send you from the depths of hell to pure cinematic heaven as Japanese cinema enters the nunsploitation market of the mid-1970s with an outrageously anti-Christian, Sadean epic about a young novice who joins the same convent that destroyed her mother. Lesbianism, acid vats, bondage, and flagellation by thorny roses are just a few of the highlights, plus a jaw-dropped bell tower finale that never fails to bring the house down. Deeply transgressive, sharply photographed and almost supernaturally beautiful, this trash classic was largely unknown to English-speaking audiences until the past decade and is now rightfully a major cult classic.
Dir. Norifumi Suzuki, 1974, 35mm, 91 min.

Behind Convent Walls – 9:45pm
If your soul isn’t completely stained already, take a trip (if you dare) Behind Convent Walls, courtesy of perverse artiste Walerian Borowczyk (the decadent visionary behind The Beast and Immoral Tales). This largely plotless arthouse skinflick follows a mother superior’s efforts to tame her sisters of the cloth (including insanely gorgeous Marina Pierro), who enjoy naked music lessons and self-pleasure with handy wooden sex toys — but the discipline plans go much further than planned. It’s a soft-focus, sexy slice of ‘70s mayhem like nothing you’ll find in a multiplex today, but, as Borowczyk is wont to do, it also includes some potent satire and political outrage while you’re distracted by all the undraped female flesh. Don’t miss your chance to catch this sin-drenched double feature on the big screen for a religious experience you’ll never forget!
Dir. Walerian Borowczyk, 1978, DigiBeta, 95 min.

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