What do you say to a naked lady — especially one who emerges from a bathtub filled with a milky white substance, and a hose stuck in her mouth?” — Peter Martin, Twitch

The frozen Nordic wastes have been an excellent locale to set new horror films of the past few years (Trollhunter and Rare Exports being solid examples), and Thale is most devious of the bunch, drawing on gnarled, twisted Norwegian folklore to wave a supremely creepy tale/tail of the supernatural. In it, we follow two crime scene janitorial workers who uncover a mute, naked girl in one of the gore-soaked sites they’ve been hired to scrub. Said girl just happens to have a prehensile tail — and ancient, grisly weirdness ensues from there! Like the best indie horror films, Thale uses its limited means to its great advantage, as it piles on the claustrophobia and dread until you can feel the grip of a furry rear appendage closing around your own throat. A well-acted and smart shocker for your Spring jollies.
Dir. Aleksander Nordaas, 2012, digital presentation, 76 min.

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