Texas Legends, Before They Were Legends

In a program originally screened at the Austin Film Society, it’s an evening of super-rare first short films from Texas cinematic royalty! From Tobe Hooper to Richard Linklater, Wes Anderson and Robert Rodriguez (to name but a few), Texas has a rich legacy of filmmaking — but even the masters had to start somewhere! The show includes: Bottle Rocket, Wes Anderson’s ‘92 short that not only formed the basis of the later feature-length version, but was also the screen debut of Owen & Luke Wilson; Woodshock, Richard Linklater’s Texan take on Heavy Metal Parking Lot that captures the mayhem and debauchery of the ‘85 Woodshock Music Festival held in Dripping Springs; The Heisters, Tobe Hooper’s “Gothic mod comedy” made a full decade before The Texas Chainsaw Massacre would change the landscape of independent film; Bedhead, Robert Rodriguez’s ‘91 student film which won enough cash prizes at festivals to fund the legendary guerrilla production of his debut feature El Mariachi; and much, much more!

Watch an excerpt from Richard Linklater’s “Woodshock”!