TELETHON 2013: Primetime (feat. live score to Herzog's "Fata Morgana" by Earth, and more!)

Portions of this timeslot sponsored by GRINNING MAN MEDIA GROUP, WEWORK and FYF FEST.

Here’s when we bust out the eggnog and really get cooking, with drone metal pioneers Earth performing live to Werner Herzog’s hypnotic 1971 documentary Fata Morgana. Never before has a Herzog film been publicly performed to with a live score; the Herzog film office has kindly granted us this one-time-only, once-in-a-lifetime event, pairing the film’s exploration of mirages in the Sahara desert with the heavy minimalist drone of Seattle’s most formidable instrumental ensemble. Prepare to have your minds blown by a superior synthesis of sound and vision.

We’ll host loving tributes to pioneering documentary filmmaker Les Blank (Burden of Dreams, Gap-Toothed Women, Always For Pleasure) and film critic extraordinaire Roger Ebert (w/ documentarian Steve James (Hoop Dreams) in person, screening excerpts from the upcoming film Life Itself on the subject of Ebert’s life and work.)

Veteran character actor Paul Dooley (Sixteen Candles, Breaking Away) returns to Cinefamily, sharing stories from his decades in the movie/ad/radio/theater biz. And, we’ll also reprise one of our most popular original video mixes: “Sects, Cults and Mind Control”, surveying the wild ‘n wooly world of the last century’s belief systems beyond belief!

This event is FREE — but here’s how to attend:
1) First-come, first-served. Just c’mon down! People donating will get put to the front of the line. We are asking people to RSVP.
2) Make a donation in advance! For anyone who makes a membership-sized donation, we’ll set a seat aside for you at the timeslot of your choice.

Watch the original trailer for Earth performing live to “Fata Morgana”!