TELETHON 2013: Good Morning, Cinefamily (feat. Exploratorium workshop, The Red Balloon, Bob Baker Marionette Theater and more!)

Portions of this timeslot sponsored by LODGER FILMS and AMERICAN APPAREL

The morning slot kicks off with a Cinespia Salon At Dawn: Maja D’oust (the White Witch of Los Angeles) performs a dawn ritual and answers oracular questions — and DJ Hymnal plays a set of New Age music to a backdrop of rare animated New Age videos.

We welcome back our friends from San Francisco’s Exploratorium for an all-ages program of playful experimental films for kids with a “direct animation” workshop on our back patio. Come prepared to scratch and color your own stretch of 16mm film stock — we’ll splice them together and screen your masterpiece on the big screen after the program.

Also, an appearance by Jenny Slate, a live musical score to Albert Lamorisse’s 1954 Oscar-winning fantasy featurette The Red Balloon by ASKA (of rock band Moonrats), Shadoe Stevens shares some of his mondo game show memories, the puppeteers from the Bob Baker Marionette Theater giving us some Xmas cheer, filmmaker Jill Solloway shows some of her favorite shorts from, and more!

This event is FREE — but here’s how to attend:
1) First-come, first-served. Just c’mon down! People donating will get put to the front of the line. We are asking people to RSVP.
2) Make a donation in advance! For anyone who makes a membership-sized donation, we’ll set a seat aside for you at the timeslot of your choice.