Tango & Cash (archival 35mm print!)

Action cinema is awash with its fair share of memorable duos: Bonnie & Clyde, Butch & Sundance, Turner & Hooch — but few can match the bone-crunching highs and hilarious lows of just a single day in the life of Tango & Cash. When two of L.A.’s top cops (Sylvester Stallone & Kurt Russell together, holy shit) are framed for a crime they didn’t commit, they’re going to have to work together — even if it kills them. But it’s not just the cops that are teaming up; mega-villains Jack Palance, James Hong (Big Trouble In Little China’s Lo Pan) and a pony-tailed, cockney-accented Brion James (Blade Runner) are on the loose and out of control. Throw in stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold Teri Hatcher and prison-bound Robert Z’Dar (that face!) and Tango & Cash (co-directed by Albert Magnoli, director behind Purple Rain) becomes the culmination of Eighties action: buff dudes, big guns, monster trucks, maniacal villainy, non-stop one-liners, enough cocaine to incapacitate an entire battalion, and the best freeze-frame ending of its decade — all set to a bouncy score by Harold “Axel F” Faltermeyer. Have we mentioned that this movie’s fun?
Dir. Andrei Konchalovsky & Albert Magnoli, 1989, 35mm, 104 min. (Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive)

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