Talk to Her (encore)

It’s truly rare for a filmmaker to produce at the height of their powers more than 20+ years into a career – but to paraphrase Orson Welles, Talk to Her is the movie that Almodóvar should offer up as bargain for his entrance to heaven. The plot is exceedingly simple: the lives of two men intersect in a hospital ward as they watch over women in comas. As with Volver a few years later, Almodóvar excavates familiar emotional spaces afforded by this simplicity, breaking free of his past genre and virtuosic technical experiments. His usual obsessions are on display, but explored with a newfound grace – every cut, frame orchestration, and tonal shift is loosely calibrated and intensely moving. From the first shot, Almodóvar reaches a heightened, hallucinatory dream-state with Talk To Her, producing a pure cinema that ultimately netted him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. (P.S.: see if you can spot Pina Bausch’s cameo as herself in the Cafe Muller scene!)

Dir. Pedro Almodóvar, 2002, 35mm, 112 min.

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