Szamanka + David Lynch's "Crazy Clown Time" (world premiere!)

Co-presented by the Polish Cultural Institute New York, BAMcinématek & Cinespia

Our screening kicks off with the WORLD PREMIERE of David Lynch’s new music video Crazy Clown Time! One of Zulawski’s most impossible-to-describe works (amongst a filmography gloriously filled with them), the unrelenting Szamanka takes the Polish provocateur’s skewed vision of sexuality to electrifying new extremes. The szamanka (“she-shaman”) herself is a character known only as “The Italian”, a mystery figure full of fierce, pulverizing concentration who emerges out of the Warsaw subway, immediately confronts a brash anthropology professor and quickly manipulates him sexually — to the point where he is forced to obsessively reconcile his recent discovery of an ancient mummified shaman with that of this man-eating figure of female empowerment. Rarely in Zulawski’s films is sex presented merely to titillate, and here, the frequent, explosive act of physical coupling takes on whilrwind religious and primal tones, aided by the film’s incredible post-industrial soundtrack from regular Zulawski collaborator Andrzej Korzynski. By the film’s finale, the sum of Zulawski’s ferociously tactile images emerges as an exorcism of life’s grotesque underbelly, and galvanizes a career’s worth of provocative themes. That lead actress Iwona Petry fell into self-inflicted obscurity after Szamanka — with some claiming the psychological torment of this role led to a breakdown and subsequent journey toward enlightenment — only adds to the singularity of one of the most committed performances throughout all of Zulawski’s work. DO NOT MISS IT.
Dir. Andrzej Zulawski, 1996, 35mm, 110 min.

Director-approved English subtitle translation provided courtesy of Mondo Vision.

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