Syngenor (SYNthetic GENetic Organism)

Rob Schrab (Found Crap, LEGO Movie 2) recreates a local TV creature feature show with SHOCK FEATURE THEATER! Each month, Hostess of the Dark, Mini Coffee, presents a horror film, or just horrible film, complete with vintage commercials, crappy clips, and musical guest The Git Back Gang. In July, SHOCK FEATURE THEATER offers a tale of irresponsible science from 1990: Syngenor (SYNthetic GENetic Organism). A scientist engineers a group of genetically engineered creatures for use as “supersoldiers” to fight U.S. wars in the Middle East. However, things get ugly when the creatures malfunction and turn on their creators. Product of science, nightmare of hell — Syngenor! Featuring Re-Animator’s David Gale.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!