Sympathy for the Devil

In 1968, Godard took a respite from his “narrative” filmmaking to document the Rolling Stones’ London recording sessions for one of the greatest rock songs of the era – replete with all of the frustrations and ecstasies of realizing a masterpiece. Godard found a nexus between his visual style and his subject matter: Sympathy captures the cavernous grandeur of British recording studios’ live rooms in the 60′s, with Olympic Studios’ multi-colored soundproof baffles, tape operators, and elegant microphone stands serving as a playground of frame-bisecting angles and shapes. This is late 60′s Godard, so we are of course treated to a dollop of Marxist polemics and virtuosic long-takes – the best of which features a group of Black Panthers tossing rifles amongst themselves in a junkyard whilst reading revolutionary texts by Amiri Baraka.

Dir. Jean-Luc Godard, 1968, DCP, 100 min.

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