Sweet Smell of Success (presented by Jeff Garlin!)

We know why Jeff Garlin picked Sweet Smell of Success — because he’s a highly intelligent dude. This is one of the most deliciously dark tales to emerge from post-war Hollywood, it hasn’t lost any of its acidic, satirical bite, and it’s got tremendous, unforgettable dual leads from Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis. Sweet Smell is the kind of film that, back when some of our programming staff were video store clerks, we would constantly recommend, as its sizzling energy and emotional whallop cuts across many lines of taste and genre. Lancaster is the iconic J. J. Hunsecker, an unscrupulous and wildly powerful newspaper columnist who aims to eliminate his sister’s affair with a lowly jazz musician. Enter Curtis, an obsequious PR agent who’ll do anything to get in Hunsecker’s favor, including complying with his wish to have the jazzbo disappear from the scene… “Featuring deliciously unsavory dialogue from a brilliantly structured script by Ernest Lehman and Clifford Odets, and noir-ish neon cityscapes from Oscar-winning cinematographer James Wong Howe, Sweet Smell of Success is a cracklingly cruel dispatch form the kill-or-be-killed wilds of 1950s Manhattan.” (Criterion Collection)
Dir. Alexander Mackendrick, 1957, DCP, 96 min.

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