SUPER TIGHT Year-End Holiday Blowout

Imagine a magical party playground where all the strange, funny, and beautiful elements of art, comedy and music come to mingle…

SUPER TIGHT—a show that gathers the perfect amount of each of these elements into a frosty martini shaker, adds some magic mushrooms, and shakes until sun up—is back at the Cinefamily for a surreal & psychedelic year-end Holiday party. Hosted by Casey Rup (of Starburns Industries) and Kevin Riggin (of Days of Our Lives), and sponsored by SBI Comics & Hot Dad—this show is the perfect place to purge all your year-end debauchery and start fresh for 2016.

This month’s show will feature a special holiday meditation from Duncan Trussell, a video presentation from The Dress Up Gang, characteristically eccentric characters and observations from Alana Johnston, a noisy comedy/music set from Johnny Pemberton, Miles Cooper Seaton (of Akron/Framily) live scoring a fantastical classic short-film, a music set by modular synth-wizards Fartbarf, a DJ set by Devendra Banhart, art installations from Lola Rose Thompson, Casey Jane Ellison, and Johnny Woods, close-up magic from The Magic Castle, topped off with eggnog and Christmas carolers galore!

On the back patio enjoy specialty cocktails, and delicious food by Cinefamily Chef Gary Campbell, aka Stiff Peaks.

Watch the trailer: !