SUPER TIGHT Leap Day Weekend Spectacular

Imagine a magical party playground where all the strange, funny, and beautiful elements of art, comedy, magic, and music come to mingle…

SUPER TIGHT—a show that gathers the perfect amount of each of these elements into a frosty martini shaker, adds some magic mushrooms, and shakes until sun up—is back at the Cinefamily for a weird and wonderful Leap Day Weekend celebration. Presented by Casey Rup, Kevin Riggin, and Simon Ore—and hosted by Alana Johnston—this show is the perfect place to purge all of your leap day debauchery. Because, as we all know, if it happens on leap day, it doesn’t count!

This month’s show will feature comedy icon Neil Hamburger, a very special multimedia performance from Katia Kvinge, a video presentation from Power Violence, a magic stage-show by wunderkind magician Rob Zabrecky, characteristically eccentric music sets by Jerry Paper and Yung Jake, watercolor portraits by Lola Rose Thompson, and DJ sets by Nina Tarr and Hevin Spacy.

On the back patio enjoy specialty cocktails, and delicious food by Cinefamily Chef Gary Campbell, aka Stiff Peaks.