LA COLLECTIONNEUSE - Out 1: Noli me Tangere (L.A. Premiere of the New Restoration!) + Pot Luck!

Co-Presented by Super Long Movie Club.

Ring the bells and set off the sirens: the restoration of Jacques Rivette’s sprawling French New Wave masterpiece OUT 1 is the cinephile event of the year!

Clocking in at just under 13 hours, seeing Rivette’s sprawling and episodic magnum opus is the “movie equivalent of reading Proust” (Dennis Lim, NYT); consuming such a beautiful and famously gargantuan work is—like travelling to an exotic land or learning how to tango—the stuff of bucket lists and bragging rights. Originally intended for French television, it’s a cat’s cradle of criss-crossing narrative threads and characters set amongst two countercultural theatre troupes in 1960s Paris (with all their utopian aspirations), shot with a French New Wave formal freedom that, along with it’s status as the second-longest narrative feature of all time, makes it one of the truly unique specimens of the filmic ecosystem.

OUT 1 has been virtually impossible to see since its premiere in 1971, so thank the film gods, and Carlotta Films, for this brand new restoration, allowing us the rare opportunity to watch this cinematic milestone on the big screen, or at all for that matter.

Over two days, the Super Long Movie Club will watch, break, discuss, eat, and maybe just learn a little bit about each other, all on the way to finishing one of the greatest films of all time. And we’ll have a potluck, so bring a dish.

Dir. Jacques Rivette, 1971, 729 min., New DCP Restoration

NOTE: You only need to buy one ticket. It will get you into both days of the film. No refunds allowed after Oct. 31st.


Day 1 (Nov. 14th at 11 am) Doors at 10:00AM!
Episodes 1-2 (199 min. + Short bathroom break between)
Episodes 3-4 (215 min. + Short bathroom break between)

Day 2 (Nov. 15th at Noon) Doors at 11:00AM!
Episodes 5-6 (190 min. + Short bathroom break between)
Episodes 7-8 (171 min. + Short bathroom break between)

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