Sunrise (w/ live score by Brian LeBarton!)

Multi-instrumentalist and electronic music whiz Brian LeBarton, who for years has been the close collaborative partner of Beck Hansen, returns to the Cinefamily to bring his unique aural vision to classic films from the silent era. For June’s visit, Brian and guest drummer Joey Waronker score Sunrise, a picture widely regarded as one of the best films of the 1920s! In F.W. Murnau’s morality tale, Anses (George O’Brien), a sensitive and easily-swayed farmer, falls under the spell of The Woman From The City (Margaret Livingston), a jezebel who convinces him to run off with her — but only after he murders his innocent wife Indre (Janet Gaynor). Murnau used his expert German Expressionist techniques to craft a fairytale ride through the tortured mental landscape of a man caught between devotion and seduction, making Sunrise the most vibrant of all his Hollywood productions.
Dir. F.W. Murnau, 1927, 35mm, 95 min.

Watch the original silent 1920s trailer for “Sunrise”!
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