Spring, Summer Fall, Winter...and Spring w/ 3-Iron

Spring, Summer Fall, Winter…and Spring – 7:45pm
“It all comes back to a temple, floating in the middle of a lake at the end of a remote mountain path. Even if Kim Ki-Duk’s bracingly pure Buddhist parable Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… And Spring didn’t contain vivid characters and devastating life lessons, the writer-director could still serve up shot after shot of that temple, whose isolation and austere beauty provides a picture-postcard representation of what the movie means to say. The story follows the goings-on at the temple over the course of 30 to 40 years, as a boy grows to manhood under the guidance of a wise old monk in five season-specific vignettes. Spring, Summer… emphasizes the natural world through a contemplative but not showily abstracted visual rhythm, relying on striking images: a man repeatedly carving calligraphy into planks of wood, or the recurring motif of animals and people struggling to move while tied to rocks. Since its agonizing logic establishes that “want” of any kind is tantamount to lust, which lies on the same continuum as murder, Kim’s beautifully staged morality play affirms that life itself is exquisitely impossible.” — Noel Murray, AV Club
Dir. Kim Ki-Duk, 2003, 35mm, 103 min.

3-Iron – 10:00pm
A centerpiece from one of the most highly interesting cinematic about-faces of the last few decades (perhaps only rivaled by David Gordon Green’s recent left turn from stylistic art-house fare to mainstream Hollywood comedies), Kim Ki-Duk’s enigmatic 3-Iron takes the viewer away from the beautiful transgressivity of early shockers like The Isle, Real Fiction and Bad Guy to an entirely different (but no less electrifyingly unique) calm trajectory. Spelunking deep into the private lives of total strangers, a mysterious drifter devises a system to identify if a house’s owner is on vacation; instead of breaking in to steal their stuff, he repays his hosts’ “hospitality” by fixing broken items and cleaning up. But when he sneaks into a sprawling mansion and discovers a “kept” wife trapped in a boring marriage, thus begins an erotic cat-and-mouse game that ends in startlingly hilarious tragedy. This nearly dialogue-free excursion into a gentle private madness shows the filmmaker operating at the high-frequency peak of his powers.
Dir. Kim Ki-Duk, 2004, 35mm, 88 min.

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