RIDE THE BLADE!! From hallucinogenic 3D nightmarescapes to guitar-shredding Satanists to cannibalistic mutant infants, SpectreFest now reaches into the endless vortex of anti-human film to present DEBUT L.A. SCREENINGS (and a few WORLD premieres!) of the most criminally under-rated and overdriven movies of the ’60s through ’80s. This six-film weekend is a relentlessly entertaining annihilistic bloodride through the hallowed history of subversive masterpieces, presented by their creators and hitting Hollywood’s big screen for the first — and maybe ONLY — time EVER!
(Curated and presented by Zack Carlson from Bleeding Skull! Video / Fantastic Fest.)

Kino Lorber presents THE MASK (1961) in 3D
U.S. Premiere of new restoration! Not (yet) available on DVD!

Cinefamily’s unmissable first-ever 3D screening is also the most otherworldly adventure that you’ll have in a theater this century. A brain-unraveling onslaught of indelibly surreal segments from another dimension punctuate a psychotic Canadian death noir, all of which causes the viewer to dissolve into a lobotomized puddle of metaphysically annihilated sweat. Images from legendary nightmare-maker THE MASK have long been synonymous with the outbreak of ’60s art/horror weirdness that included filmmakers like Coffin Joe and JIGOKU’s Nobuo Nakagawa. But very few people have been able to experience THE MASK for themselves. Now, thanks to the efforts of restorationists Robert Furmanek and Greg Kintz — both of whom will be on hand for this show — we will be the FIRST U.S. AUDIENCE since 1961 to undergo the permanent psychological transformation that affects anyone who dares view the terrors of THE MASK IN 3D. (Admission includes your own Magic Mystic Mask 3D viewer!)

Dir. Julian Roffman, 1961, DCP, 83 min

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