RIDE THE BLADE!! From hallucinogenic 3D nightmarescapes to guitar-shredding Satanists to cannibalistic mutant infants, SpectreFest now reaches into the endless vortex of anti-human film to present DEBUT L.A. SCREENINGS (and a few WORLD premieres!) of the most criminally under-rated and overdriven movies of the ’60s through ’80s. This six-film weekend is a relentlessly entertaining annihilistic bloodride through the hallowed history of subversive masterpieces, presented by their creators and hitting Hollywood’s big screen for the first — and maybe ONLY — time EVER!
(Curated and presented by Zack Carlson from Bleeding Skull! Video / Fantastic Fest.)

Bleeding Skull! Video presents NIGHT FEEDER
L.A. Premiere! Never available on U.S. VHS or DVD!
Producer Jody Gillerman in attendance!

A hateful and massively enjoyable shot-on-video darkwave horror blast from the leather-clad armpits of the Bay Area. This gore-scarred, creature-fueled whodunnit culminates in one of the most rewarding slasher reveals in camcorder history, but the journey is every bit as powerful. Especially when the singer of coal-hearted gothpunk combo The Nuns stares directly into the camera and croons: “You SLIT your WRISTS. You fuckin’ BITCH.” A staggering celebration of drugs, fear and new wave rage, Night Feeder was completed at the tail end of San Francisco’s robust post-punk era and was only ever released on PAL-format VHS in Poland. Featuring effects that rival Hollywood’s best gore-monsterwork, it’s a nasal, vicious battle cry and one of the best homemade horror films you’ll ever see, hands down.

Dir. Jim Whiteaker, 1988, Video from 1″ masters, 86 min

David A. Prior memorial screening: NIGHT WARS
World Theatrical Premiere! Never available on DVD!
Ted Prior (DEADLY PREY; SLEDGEHAMMER) in attendance!

Not only was writer/director/producer David A. Prior the self-propelled genius behind genuinely groundbreaking films like SLEDGEHAMMER, KILLER WORKOUT and HFS favorite DEADLY PREY, but he was likely the most prolific force of the video era. In the dozen years from 1983 to 1995, he directed 26 (!!!) features, ALL of which were wildly entertaining, explosive, and true to his unique vision of masculine action and horror. He’s survived by his brother and collaborator Ted Prior, who will join us tonight to present one of their most unusual films — in its only know 35mm print — NIGHT WARS! It’s a rampagingly creative convergence of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and FULL METAL JACKET, as two Vietnam veterans lock, load, and enter the world of fully automatic dreamworld combat. Beyond the wall of sleep is a sadistic, supernatural hellwarrior who’s holding their friends hostage in a P.O.W. camp of his own nefarious, inhuman design. Though half the action takes place in the slumberzone, this one’s ALL WAR and NO SNORE! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!

Dir. David A. Prior, 1988, 35mm, 88 min.

West Coast Premiere! Not available on DVD!

An unclean scream dream of undiluted hysteria! Shot in 1982 and not released until a VHS run in 1987, TWISTED NIGHTMARE fearlessly/senselessly combines the base elements of every ’80s horror film into a blazing tornado. Slashers, specters, sex, vengeance, jacuzzis, weaponry, wraparound sunglasses and white cotton briefs rule the endless night as a gaggle of loathsome party turds invade an abandoned campground in a seemingly deliberate kamikaze death run. Full of ambition and free of reason, TWISTED NIGHTMARE is the ultimate crowd-pleasing study in giving the people what they want… as long as they don’t want a coherent plot. However, if they desire a non-stop barrage of homicide, hatred and supernatural payback, this movie’s the equivalent of force-feeding butter to a fat kid. TONIGHT, WE PUKE AND EXPLODE.

Dir. Paul Hunt, 1982/1987, 35mm, 84 min.

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