Co-presented by the Israel Film Festival.

Tikkun is as an unflinching and unnerving portrait of an ultra-orthodox yeshiva student in Jerusalem. Haim-Aron is so obsessed with his studies and the rules he must follow, that it begins to border on martyrdom. When Haim-Aron considers indulging his desire for self-pleasure, it leads to an accident that seemingly takes him to death’s door and back again. When he wakes up in the hospital, a lot has changed. Haim-Aron’s father is haunted by surreal visions and violent dreams as he grapples with the changes he’s beginning to see in his son.

Enhanced immensely by striking black and white cinematography, a flirtation with the supernatural, a minimal but succinct script & eerily convincing acting from the majority of the cast, Tikkun is one of the most intriguing, demanding & ultimately rewarding films of the year.

Dir. Avishai Sivan, 2015, DCP, 120 min.

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