SPECTREFEST: The Creeping Garden (11/6)

Co-presented by L.A. Makerspace. Slime Mold Maze designed and printed by Joseph Chiu of Toybuilder Labs.

The star of this psychedelic documentary exploration is neither animal nor mineral, vegetable — or even mushroom. They have no proven intelligence, yet are clinically logical in laboratory tests. They are slime molds. AND THEY LIVE AMONG US. Plasmodial slime mold: a viscous, strangely beautiful substance whose mysteries have seduced scientists and artists alike. And why, exactly, has this writhing, oozing, vividly colored organism so intrigued biologists, designers, mycologists, theorists, robotic engineers, and visionary artists around the globe? Filmmakers Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp take a thrillingly unconventional approach, as they combine the paranoid chill factor of a Seventies dystopian sci-fi with a lyrical visual eye and heavy-duty detective work to make something much, much more than your average science documentary. With appropriately haunting, gauzy music by Jim O’Rourke (Sonic Youth, Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man), The Creeping Garden elevates the study of slime molds into a poetic, cathartic take on our symbiotic connection with the natural world.
Dirs. Tim Grabham & Jasper Sharp, 2014, DCP, 81 min.

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