SPECTREFEST: Nacho Party! (feat. L.A. premiere of "Open Windows", plus "Confetti of the Mind: Nacho Vigalondo Shorts")

Co-presented by FANTASTIC FEST

“You’ll hear names like Hitchcock and DePalma thrown around in discussions about Open Windows. Make no mistake; while such influences may be evident, what you’re left with after they’re processed through the wit and insanity of the man’s brain makes Open Windows pure Vigalondo.” — Brian Kelley, Fantastic Fest

Nacho Vigalondo & Sasha Grey in person, plus Elijah Wood via Skype! Oscar-nominated writer/director Nacho Vigalondo has quickly blossomed one of our favorite devious moviemaking minds. From his award-winning shorts to Timecrimes, to Extraterrestrial and beyond, his consistent knack for inventive plot devices that transform the mundane into the extraordinary ends up blindsiding his characters into the most thrilling of circumstances. To that effect, Open Windows — his most ambitious project yet — stars Sasha Grey and Elijah Wood as a film star and her ultimate fan, in a completely unique and endlessly creative thriller for our age that takes place entirely on a single computer desktop. After the break, we’ll dive into Drafthouse Films’ newly-released special Confetti of the Mind, a tour of Nacho’s most brilliant shorts collected for the first time, and personally curated by Nacho and his longtime collaborator Nahikari Ipina. Confetti is not optional.
Open Windows Dir. Nacho Vigalondo, 2014, DCP, 100 min.
Confetti of the Mind Dir. Nacho Vigalondo, various, DCP, approx. 60 min.

Watch the trailer for “Open Windows”!
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