SPECTREFEST: Love & Peace (L.A. Premiere!)

Due to unforeseen day of show technical issues, we are only able to show a low resolution version of Sion Sono’s Love & Peace.

While we love the film and want you to see it, we are not comfortable charging admission–so it’s now FREE (first-come, first-served).

If you already bought a ticket you are being refunded, but please do come.

We are presently attempting to bring LOVE & PEACE for more shows in December.

Sion Sono begins his latest tale in modern-day Tokyo with a tragic man named Ryoichi, who having given up his dreams of rock stardom, toils away in a musical parts company. Ryoichi discovers his only friend in a turtle he aptly names Picadon. The friendship blossoms as Picadon helps Ryoichi plan his rock n roll takeover, until one day on account of overwhelming ridicule from coworkers, Ryoichi flushes his only friend down the toilet.

From there, Sono’s signature imagination takes over. Certainly one of the most joyous and heartfelt films of his career, Love & Peace blasts off into the ether with the catchiest theme song you’ll hear all year, anthropomorphized toys, a choice of pills that puts the red pill/blue pill option to shame & massive Kaiju.

Dir. Sion Sono, 2015, DCP, 117 min.

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