SPECTREFEST: Housebound (L.A. premiere!)

If exemplary plot twists send shivers down your spine, then expect full-body ASMR tremors while watching Gerard Johnstone’s Kiwi spectacular Housebound. Troubled-to-the-core Kylie is put on house arrest in her childhood home for a botched robbery attempt, forced to cohabitate with her gabby mother and decidedly-silent stepfather. But old habits truly hard as Kylie’s disdain for everything deepens, and the spirits living in the walls surface. This tension lends to satisfyingly fresh genre moments (who hasn’t shuddered at the thought of Teddy Ruxpin speaking out of turn?), and opportunities for Johnstone to fool the audience again and again, without ever detracting from the potency of a female-driven scary movie that doesn’t pander to the Sexy-Victim archetype.
Dir. Gerard Johnstone, 2014, DCP, 109 min.

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